How Much Does It Cost To Fix Apple Laptop Screen? [2024]

The cost to fix an Apple laptop screen can vary depending on the model and the type of repair needed.

If you find yourself with a cracked or damaged screen on your Apple laptop, you may be wondering how much it will cost to fix it.

The cost of repairing an Apple laptop screen can vary depending on factors such as the specific model of the laptop and the extent of the damage.

In this article, we will explore the potential costs associated with fixing an Apple laptop screen, providing you with a better understanding of what to expect financially.

I. Factors that Influence the Cost of Fixing an Apple Laptop Screen

When it comes to repairing an Apple laptop screen, several factors can influence the cost of the service. Understanding these factors can help you better estimate the expenses involved and make informed decisions.

Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Model of the Apple Laptop

The cost of fixing an Apple laptop screen can vary depending on the model you own. Different models may have different screen sizes, resolutions, and technologies, which can impact the price of replacement parts.

2. Type of Screen Damage

The extent and type of damage to your Apple laptop screen can significantly affect the repair cost. Minor issues like scratches or small cracks may be less expensive to fix compared to severe damage that requires a complete screen replacement.

3. Warranty Coverage

If your Apple laptop is still under warranty, you may be eligible for free or discounted screen repairs. However, warranty coverage varies depending on the specific terms and conditions provided by Apple, so it’s important to check the details of your warranty.

4. Repair Service Provider

The cost of fixing an Apple laptop screen can also vary based on the repair service provider you choose.

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Authorized Apple service centers may charge higher prices compared to third-party repair shops. It’s essential to research and compare prices from different providers to find the most cost-effective option.

5. Location

The location where you seek the screen repair can impact the overall cost. Repair services in certain regions or cities may be more expensive due to higher operating costs or local market conditions. Consider exploring options in different locations to find the best price.

6. Additional Repairs or Services

If there are any additional repairs or services required alongside the screen fix, such as replacing other damaged components or addressing software issues, the overall cost may increase.

It’s important to communicate all the necessary repairs to the service provider upfront to get an accurate cost estimate.


Factors influencing the cost of fixing an Apple laptop screen include the model of the laptop, type of screen damage, warranty coverage, repair service provider, location, and any additional repairs or services needed.

II. Average Cost Range for Apple Laptop Screen Repair

When it comes to repairing the screen of an Apple laptop, the cost can vary depending on several factors.

Here is an overview of the average cost range you can expect:

Screen SizeAverage Cost Range
11-inch$200 – $400
13-inch$250 – $500
15-inch$300 – $600
16-inch$400 – $800

It’s important to note that these cost ranges are approximate and can vary depending on the specific model, location, and repair service provider.

Additionally, the cost may also be influenced by the type of screen damage and whether the repair involves replacing the entire screen or just certain components.

It’s always recommended to contact authorized Apple service providers or reputable repair shops to get an accurate estimate for your specific laptop model and screen issue.

Keep in mind that these costs only cover the screen repair and do not include any additional charges that may be incurred for other repairs or parts replacement.

Now that you have an idea of the average cost range for Apple laptop screen repair, let’s move on to the next section to explore some tips on how to minimize these costs.

III. Tips to Minimize the Cost of Fixing an Apple Laptop Screen

Fixing a damaged Apple laptop screen can be costly, but there are several tips and strategies that can help minimize the overall cost of repair.

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By following these suggestions, you can potentially save money and still get your laptop screen fixed professionally.

1. Check for warranty coverage

Before seeking out third-party repair services, it’s important to check if your Apple laptop is still under warranty.

If it is, Apple may cover the cost of screen repair or replacement. Warranty coverage can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses, so be sure to explore this option first.

2. Consider DIY repair kits

If you have some technical skills and are comfortable working with electronics, you may consider purchasing a do-it-yourself (DIY) repair kit for your Apple laptop screen. These kits often come with all the necessary tools and instructions to replace the screen yourself.

While this option requires some effort and caution, it can be a more affordable alternative to professional repair services.

3. Compare repair quotes

When seeking professional repair services, it’s always wise to compare quotes from multiple repair shops or technicians.

Prices can vary significantly, so obtaining multiple estimates will help you find the most cost-effective option. However, make sure to consider the reputation and expertise of the repair provider as well.

4. Explore third-party repair services

While Apple’s official repair services may be the most reliable, they are often more expensive. Consider exploring reputable third-party repair services that specialize in Apple laptop screen repairs.

These providers may offer competitive prices while still maintaining quality standards. Read customer reviews and check their track record before entrusting your laptop to them.

5. Purchase AppleCare+ coverage

If you own an Apple laptop or plan to purchase one, investing in AppleCare+ coverage can be a smart decision.

AppleCare+ extends the warranty coverage and provides additional benefits, including reduced repair costs for accidental damages. While this option requires an upfront payment, it can potentially save you money in the long run if your laptop screen needs fixing.

6. Preventive measures

To avoid costly screen repairs in the future, consider taking preventive measures. Invest in a high-quality laptop case or sleeve to protect your device from accidental drops or impacts. Additionally, using a screen protector can help prevent scratches and minor damages.

Taking care of your laptop can significantly reduce the chances of needing costly repairs.

7. Insurance coverage

Check if your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance policy covers accidental damages to electronics, including laptop screens. Some policies may provide coverage for repairs or replacements, which can help minimize the cost of fixing your Apple laptop screen.

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8. Take advantage of discounts

Keep an eye out for discounts or promotional offers from authorized Apple repair centers or third-party repair services. They may occasionally offer special deals or discounts that can help reduce the cost of fixing your laptop screen.

FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Fix Apple Laptop Screen

1. How much does it generally cost to repair an Apple laptop screen?

Answer: The cost of repairing an Apple laptop screen can vary depending on the model and extent of the damage. On average, it can range from $200 to $600.

2. Does Apple provide any warranty coverage for laptop screen repairs?

Answer: Yes, Apple provides a limited warranty for manufacturing defects. However, accidental damage is generally not covered under warranty.

3. Can I get my Apple laptop screen repaired for free if it is still under warranty?

Answer: If the damage is due to a manufacturing defect and your laptop is within the warranty period, Apple may cover the repair cost. However, accidental damage is typically not covered.

4. How can I find out if my Apple laptop screen repair is covered under warranty?

Answer: You can check the warranty status of your Apple laptop by visiting the official Apple support website or contacting Apple customer support.

5. Are there any authorized third-party repair centers for Apple laptop screens?

Answer: Yes, Apple has authorized service providers that can repair Apple laptop screens. These providers use genuine Apple parts and are certified by Apple.

6. Can I replace an Apple laptop screen myself to save money?

Answer: While it is technically possible to replace an Apple laptop screen yourself, it is not recommended unless you have the necessary skills and experience. Improper installation can cause further damage and void any remaining warranty.

7. What factors can affect the cost of Apple laptop screen repairs?

Answer: The cost of Apple laptop screen repairs can vary based on factors such as the model of the laptop, the severity of the damage, and whether it requires a complete screen replacement or just a repair.

8. Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace an Apple laptop screen?

Answer: In most cases, it is more cost-effective to repair an Apple laptop screen rather than replacing the entire laptop. However, it ultimately depends on the specific situation and the cost quoted by the repair service.

9. Can I get a price estimate for Apple laptop screen repairs before proceeding with the repair?

Answer: Yes, most Apple authorized service providers or repair centers can provide you with a price estimate for the screen repair after assessing the damage.

10. How long does it usually take to repair an Apple laptop screen?

Answer: The repair time can vary depending on the availability of parts and the complexity of the repair. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to repair an Apple laptop screen.

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost To Fix Apple Laptop Screen

The cost of fixing an Apple laptop screen varies depending on the model and the extent of the damage. It is recommended to contact Apple support or visit an authorized service provider to get an accurate estimate for the repair cost.

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